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The Summer of 2022 saw unprecedented levels of food bank access. The inflation of rent, food, personal care items, gas etc. have had immediate impacts on our community. Many food programs, including us, noticed a drastic increase in the number of clients served in June (2022). We decided to take a comprehensive look at our programs to evaluate our impact in the community. While we are excited to share this report, we want to be mindful of the lived experiences of every individual who walks through our doors. Our report therefore does not stop here. We will take our findings with us into the future, as we adapt and change our programs to align with current events. We see this report as a way to better understand & acknowledge the barriers to food access our clients face during this unprecedented time. 

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Feeding Our Future

This past summer (2022), we were lucky to partner wth Second Harvest, who brought their Feeding Our Future Program to Nourish East End.

School food programming is an essential part of childhood nutrition. When summer vacation begins, the meal & snack programs many children access during the school year come to an end. To ensure that students do not go without during the summer months, Second Harvest created Feeding Our Future. Every week this summer, Second Harvest hand-delivered 60 kits, that were full of delicious & nutritious snacks, to our centre. These kits went directly to students in our community that visited our weekly free food market.

The impact the Feeding Our Future program had on our community was remarkable. Every week, we never had a kit left unclaimed. The supplemental snacks & food Feeding Our Future provided was an important addition for so many families in our community. Thank you Second Harvest for bringing the Feeding Our Future program to Nourish East End this summer!