Support People Living with Disabilities - End Legislated Poverty!

Over 30% of the people who visit Nourish East End turn to us for basic necessities, because they cannot afford food with the funds provided by government disability programs. 
The Ontario Disability Support Program was recently indexed to inflation (a good step) but the maximum support for a single individual is still below the poverty line and far less than the average cost of a one-bedroom apartment in Toronto. Our governments are legislating poverty for people, who the system recognizes as disabled.
Join Nourish East End and other Daily Bread Food Bank agencies in advocating for a Canada-wide Disability Benefit to help address the crisis of poverty for our most vulnerable neighbours.
This past summer, long awaited legislation that commits the federal
government to providing income supports for low-income, working-age Canadians with disabilities was passed through Parliament. With Bill C-22: The Canada Disability Benefit Act, there is potential to dramatically reduce poverty and food insecurity in our country, at a time when people living with disabilities need it more than ever.
However, to make these impacts a reality, the Government of
Canada must act urgently to allocate full funding for the Canada
Disability Benefit in the forthcoming 2024 Federal Budget and get it
into the pockets of people with disabilities who need it.
Use this link to send your MP a letter calling for a fully funded Disability Benefit in the upcoming Federal budget
Poster for disability benefit

Feeding Our Future

In the summer of 2022, we were lucky to partner with Second Harvest, who brought their Feeding Our Future Program to Nourish East End.

School food programming is an essential part of childhood nutrition. When summer vacation begins, the meal & snack programs many children access during the school year come to an end. To ensure that students do not go without during the summer months, Second Harvest created Feeding Our Future. Every week this summer, Second Harvest hand-delivered 60 kits, that were full of delicious & nutritious snacks, to our centre. These kits went directly to students in our community that visited our weekly free food market.

The impact the Feeding Our Future program had on our community was remarkable. Every week, we never had a kit left unclaimed. The supplemental snacks & food Feeding Our Future provided was an important addition for so many families in our community. Thank you Second Harvest for bringing the Feeding Our Future program to Nourish East End!